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Maria Sidorova
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Personalised consulting for the twenty-first century
Welcome To ExpandReality.com

We're proud to offer you services that work on all three levels - your Mind, Body, and Spirit to discover and manifest your life's most important goals and dreams! Spirit: Intuitive Guidance, Tarot Readings, Tarot Classes, Spirit Painting, Spirit Painting Workshop. Mind: Spiritual Counseling, Past Life Regression, Hypnotherapy. Body: Reiki Sessions, Reiki Classes, Deeksha - Oneness Blessings, Seraphim Angelic Healing, Planetary Energy Washes.


Tarot Readings, Hypnotherapy, Reiki Session & More in Toronto

Tarot Cards

- Tarot Card Readings reveal your Karmic purpose and help you receive Divine Guidance from your Higher Self and Spirit Guides. Experience this powerful 'fortune telling' with either a one on one Tarot Card Reading or via SKYPE, or phone, or take one of our popular Tarot Card Workshops. More about Tarot Card Readings in Toronto...

Tarot Classes

- Have you ever wanted to know how to read the Tarot cards both for yourself and others? Are you curious, but just don’t know how? Tarot classes will help you to develop your intuition, give you much needed guidance and can show you the way to personal growth and abundance! More about Tarot Classes in Toronto...

Past Life Regression

- Have you ever had déjà vu or repeating dreams about times and places you have never experienced or visited? If yes then maybe you are experiencing flashes from a past life! Past Life Regression and Life Between Lives Sessions can give you the clarity, wisdom and answers you've been searching for. More about Past Life Regression in Toronto...


- Discover the REAL YOU through Spiritual Hypnosis. Reach your highest potential, balance your mind, body and emotions as well as remove blocks and self limiting beliefs! By using a unique combination of hypnosis and guided meditation, a hypnotherapist can help you explore your inner self to get answers and more clarity for just about any question you might have. More about Hypnotherapy in Toronto...

Reiki Healing

- Reiki is Universal Life Force Energy that brings harmony and peace on all levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. It acts to normalize the flow of life force within the body. Reiki has also been known to cleanse toxins, relieves pain, balance the energy of organs and glands, remove energy blocks and balance chakras. Experience the gentle, transformative power of Reiki for yourself with either a personalized Healing Session or Distance Sessions! More about Reiki in Toronto...

Reiki Classes/Initiations

- Become a certified Reiki Energy Healer - heal yourself and your loved ones! After a training with Reiki Master Maria Sidorova, you will be able to treat yourself to Reiki as often as you want for as long as you want! More about Reiki Classes / Attunements in Toronto...

Deeksha Blessing

- Oneness Deeksha is the transfer of energy which initiates the journey into Higher States of Consciousness. The level of consciousness of a person determines his/her quality of life experience. As consciousness rises, there is greater awareness, joy, love, togetherness, and focus in everything that you do and experience. More about Deeksha Blessing in Toronto...

Seraphim Angelic Healing

– bring the Angelic energies into your life for healing, guidance or renewal! Introducing Seraphim Angelic Healing. The Seraphim are the highest order of angels. They have revealed major energies to enhance our well-being by harmoniously integrating and promoting healing and spiritual development. More about Angelic Healing in Toronto...

Planetary Energy Washes

- take a planetary energy shower; receive the energetic qualities or attributes of a specific planet, integrating it into your energy field to help offset the negative effects that other cosmic energies might have on our bodies and emotions. More about Planetary Energy Washes...

Spiritual Counseling

- Is your life everything you think it should be - the right career, the right partner, the right path? Spiritual Counseling session can help you to understand how manifesting the life of your dreams really works, and why certain aspects of your life aren't working out exactly the way you had hoped? More about Spiritual Counseling in Toronto...

Intuitive Guidance

– get clarity and insight to important questions in your life as well as help you move forward on your Spiritual Journey! As part of the Intuitive Reading you may receive healing work on your aura, cleansing and balancing of your chakras, or energy clearings, depending on what is needed most. More about Intuitive Guidance in Toronto...

Gypsy Cards

- Get answers to important questions about Romance, Money, Love, Careers and more with private Gypsy Card Readings or get training on how to do this for yourself and others with our Gypsy Card Workshops. More about Gypsy Card readings in Toronto...

The great Spiritual Mystics tell us that what you think about every day, both consciously and unconsciously, will actually dictate the reality of your life regardless of whether you are aware of it or not!

What you focus your awareness on, each and every day, WILL manifest. This is called the "Law of Attraction" and is the power of the Mind, Body, Spirit connection. So, the big question is: are you manifesting what you want in your life or are you manifesting something else?

What you do and how you feel about yourself each day also has a huge impact on your spirit. Is yours a light that shines brightly, touching everyone you meet, or is it dull and faded from neglect?

We're proud to offer you four services that will help you to work on all three levels - your Mind, Body, and Spirit - to align all aspects of your inner most self with discovering and manifesting your life's most important goals and dreams!

Thanks again for visiting our website and your interest in our Personal Consulting services. For full details about each service or for booking information, simply click on the 'More...' links above.

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